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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The full Malcolm Saville Archive of Letters

A decade ago a collection of letters was purchased between Malcolm Saville and Mary Cadogan, who was considering writing his biography, and others were sent in by members. These have been held physically at the University of Worcester, at which this online version of photographic reproductions was produced. It can be accessed at  Currently the letters are held by the Malcolm Saville Society who own them.

Amongst other things, the letters reveal Malcolm Saville as Lone Pine weary ("surely 15 is enough"), a huge Jillies fan, and a desperate feeling that Marston Baines was the series by which he wished to be remembered. His last four years reveals his desperation at keeping his titles still in print, knowing he was regarded as old fashioned. Nevertheless his diligence year after year in answering readers letters led to a posthumpous Malcolm Saville Society being formed and thriving. Those replies to readers also had a marketing function, and newsletters were often included. "Please buy my books and get your friends to do so. This is how writers make their living".

The repository has three PDF files, Letters to Mary Cadogan 1978-79; Letters to Mary Cadogan 1980-82; and other letters.

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